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Quistic is home to a broad range of after school programs and special events that encourage the discovery and love of science by children everywhere. We pride ourselves on providing innovative learning opportunities that complement and enhance the topics your child is already familiar with from the classroom.

Experienced, passionate educators develop our curriculum in a way that fosters excitement among our students! At Quistic, we believe the best scientists start early by developing a passion for discovery.

Our Services

Integrated School Programme

Quistic offers a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in twospecific disciplines — science and engineering. The course fosters inquiry-based and real world problem-based learning. The sessions are completely hands on and the goal is to pique students' interest into Science and more importantly, Learning for themselves.

The session are held weekly, and are a part of the curriculum. That is this course will be held for all students and is compulsory. The students will be tested and grades will be given solely based upon students’ engagement and improvement.

Science Club& After School Workshops

A science club that kids don't want to leave!

Have our highly experienced science communicators run regular workshops at your school!

Our session range from building working models where the students can engage themselves with the concept presented, to carrying experiments with the scientific method whereby they learn to hypothesise, fairly test experiments, and communicate results just like in the real world, to bringing them in touch with the latest in science and technology. The course is designed around hands-on science experiments each week that the kids run themselves. We spend the time to ensure that the children truly engage with what they learn... and have a blast doing so!

Science Fair Demonstrations &Science Shows

Want to celebrate and promote Science in your school? What a one-day event/ workshop that kids really enjoy? Want kids to learn about the wonders of virtual reality? Want kids to know about Gravitational Waves? Whether it's to keep your kids update with the latest news in Science or gift them the latest technology, or present the most awesome science shows, we've got you covered. Quistic offers a range of workshops, demonstration and workshops that thrill and inspire students and parents.

Ask us how we can partner with your school, to build participation in science. No mess, no fuss, just great science for all students.

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